I haven’t used this account in months, but I still get followers?

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for following my blog <3 I cannot stress that enough! I love you guys! And before I forget….

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I promise I’ll make it more active, and for those who left me asks a while back, I’ll answer them as soon as I can! Or if you still want me to

Lastly, as token of appreciation I will take requests! :D

First 10 people who put a request on my ask will get a drawing!


1. This is a Gallagher Girls Art Blog, so the requests must be strictly revolve around the book.


"Can you draw me Zach kissing a potato?" YES.

"Can you draw me Erik from Phantom of the Opera?" NO. As much as I would like to, asking for things outside the fandom is a no-no.

2. I won’t draw anything that’s NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or basically anything that contains too much nudity.

So yeah, I hope you guys will do it! <3 or not, it’s up to you

Contrary to popular opinion, this is my Zach Goode.


After reading about them bickering most of the time, I’d say they’re in a love-hate relationsip.

SUE ME. Or maybe not.

tomlintrust asked: I'm so happy I found your blog! I needed someone who loves Gallagher Girls as much as I do, if not more :p I can't wait for "Out Of Sight, Out Of Time"! Do you love Heist Society also?

Sorry for such a late reply! But I do love having stuff on my ask. :’D

GALLAGHER GIRLS IS AWESOME! I really enjoyed reading it! Have you read GG5 already? :) And! I’ve only read the first book. I haven’t gotten around to reading Uncommon Criminals yet~